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Is Coaching Right For Me?

Looking for direction, purpose and fulfillment? Want to discover who you are? Ready to move past fear and phobias and make those changes?

If you said yes to any of the above, then coaching is for you.!

Sometimes we can feel lost in amongst the big wide world and chaos of it all. We can feel that the universe is against us and everything is a struggle. This can be overwhelming, resulting in us doubting our decisions and fear creeping in.  


You can work with your mind instead of it working against you. Nobody can guarantee that life won't throw curve balls and hurdles your way, this is part of our experience However, through Simply Clear Coaching I will teach you the mental skills, tools, resources and flexibility to deal with challenges in both your internal and external world.  You will form strategies for success and happiness and I will accompany you in applying this to your life.

You will learn to focus your mind and manage your state, to discover who you truly are and what makes you most happy.

You will gain the ability to make simply clear decisions and take action to guide your life into alignment with your core values. You will see, hear and feel yourself growing into the biggest, best, most impactful you, even if you do not know who that is completely yet.

How I have helped my clients to transform in the following ways:

• Find clarity and focus
• Find purpose, balance and direction
• Leave the past behind and step into a brighter future
• Explore what legacy you wish to leave and become that person
• Live beyond anxiety and fears
• Build confidence and gain empowerment
• Live assertively through deeply effective communication skills
• Fine tune goals, dreams and passions and turn them a reality
•Tap into personal power and take charge of your life

What's the process like?

Learn to take a step out from your thoughts, feelings and outdated behaviours, giving you the opportunity to observe them from a healthier perspective, giving you insight into exactly how you have been creating your problematic state up until you decided to make change happen.   For any change work, gaining perspective is the first thing that needs to happen, giving you the gift of healthy reflection whenever you need it.
Together we will go deep inside, exploring who you are, what you want to stand for and achieve, who you want to become and what legacy you want to leave.  Without being clear on who we want to become and what we want to stand for, we can make unworkable decisions, based on fear, avoidance or other opinions, each moving us away from our desired way of being.   In your Simply Coaching Package you will explore your values, gain knowledge and skills to make life enriching decisions, moving your life into alignment, even amongst the most chaotic and overwhelming times.
You will learn the necessary skills to let go of how things have been. I will share with you powerful tools to interrupt the existing life and thought patterns that you have been living by. Through this process, you will release fears, anxieties, limiting beliefs and old behaviours whilst having fun along the way. Through breaking the chains you will be freed up, giving you the mental space and flexibility that is achieved when you no longer let the past define you, allowing you to move forward in the best possible way.
Its time to really design and refine your bigger brighter future. Now that you have let go of those mental ties that were holding you back, you are free to develop and install new healthy self beliefs and ways of being. Through the use of NLP, specific linguistic patterns, hypnosis and behavioural techniques, we will build your internal power states, installing the neurology for your very own bespoke success. This will equip you and your mind with the ability to call on feelings of power, clarity, confidence, calm or any other state needed to assist you in moving into your bigger brighter future.
We will use meditation and direct communication with your unconscious.  You will fully and completely integrate all of the work that we are doing together. This will set you up for the future and allow you to relax whilst your mind works with you and guides you into your personally designed future.  It is my pleasure to accompany you at every step of the way, in your one wild and precious journey.

Your Breakthrough Session

Do you need clarity and focus with a specific project, issue or life area?

Is there a particular relationship you want to improve?

Do you need more confidence to take that next step?

Do you want to move beyond your fears and phobias?

Through Simply Clear Coaching’s simple, elegant and effective techniques, including Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), mindfulness and meditation, you can gain the clarity, calm, motivation or confidence you need.

In this one off Breakthrough Session, you will break through your self imposed limitations and emotional blockages, gain a simply clear perspective, the right state of mind, an action plan and the tools needed to propel yourself forward into the life you deserve. Change happens quicker than you think.

What Do I Get?

Intensive Break Through Session.
Either face to face or over Skype.

Your Coaching Package

Do you want to change but don't know where to start?

Do you want to find direction, purpose and fulfillment?

Do you want to discover who you truly are on the deepest level?

Do you have an exciting dream which you want to bring to life?

Do you want to find true happiness?

If you said yes to any of the above, then my Coaching Packages are for you.

We will form a deep, personal and intimate relationship, where nothing is off the cards, free of judgement and bias.  Time dedicated to you and your dreams and nothing else, this is the joy of the coaching relationship.

It will be a combination of inner work and outer work, regarding your thoughts, beliefs, values, emotions, your entire inner landscape and also taking yourself into the world in a new way, applying what you have learnt and taking action to achieve your dreams in real time.

It will be a combination of deep moving work, challenging, support, tears, motivation and is truly s transformational experience full of fun and surprises.

This relationship is held through face to face and Skype sessions, depending on your schedule and geographic location.  The joy of technology means that no matter where you are in the world you can access and build a coaching relationship from the comfort of your home or anywhere else you choose.

What Do I Get?

I offer a 3 and 6 Month Package.

Within your program I work with you for the entire time period, this will be on a two week on and two week off basis.  This gives you time in-between sessions to put into practice what we have worked on and for you to self coach.  

In-between session you will receive support in the forms of:

Bespoke mind coaching mp3s recorded in my home studio, including brain entrainment music, to help deeply integrate those changes in your neurology.


E-mail support for updates, congratulations and keeping on track.

Your Discovery Session

I always meet with potential clients for a free Discovery session to connect and explore what it is you want from a coaching relationship and I only take clients who want to truly grow, so I need to know you really want change.

In our discovery session we will talk about what you would like to achieve and check we are a good match.

So if you are really ready to say yes to life, lets meet and talk about how we can make that dream a reality.

For your free discovery session call today.

What Change Will You Make?

Let Me Help You Find Out